Stainless Steel Metal Tube Connector Exhaust Flex Pipe

Stainless Steel Metal Tube Connector Exhaust Flex Pipe

1) Exhaust Flexible pipe with interlock, automobile exhaust system component
2) Double-layer stainless steel bellow
3) With interlock liner
4) With 409 caps
5) with High flexibility and long life
6) Installed between engine and muffler
7) Used to decrease engine noise and vibration
8) made of stainless steel 304
9) Size, diameter and length can be produced as per client’s requirements

Inner Diameter (mm): 32/ 38 /40 /45/ 48/ 51/ 55/ 57/ 60/ 63/ 76/ 90/ 100/ 108/ 127
Length(mm): 95~305
Material: Stainless Steel 304; Stainless steel 201

We have types of flexible pipes for your chosing,
1. Outer braid flex pipe: bellows +outer braid +collars

2. Inner braid flex pipe : inter braid +bellows+outer braid +collar

3. Interlock flex pipe:interlock +bellows +outer braid +collars/ interlock

4. Nipple flex pipe:outer braid +collars +nipple / inter braid +bellows +outer braid +nipple

Construction: outer braid +collars +nipple / inter braid +bellows +outer braid +nipple

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

Post time: Aug-14-2020