Fast technology: Holley’s affordable exhaust manifold turbo kit

No one needs to tell you that turbochargers are the current darling of the performance industry. However, these hair dryers require extensive manufacturing to make them work. The Hooker header creates a shortcut for single turbocharger applications (part number 8510HKR, market price is about $449.95) and provides a way to accomplish this job. The driver’s side manifold is traditional, but on the passenger side is equipped with a jumper that combines the heat and pressure of the exhaust gas and redirects it to a V-belt connection for forward installation of a single turbine.
Hooker offers four different dedicated jumpers (and a universal kit), which can be purchased separately to connect the two manifolds together. Of course, this will require the installation of the turbine to the passenger side manifold and the installation of the wastegate valve, but this is a requirement for any turbocharger application on the exhaust side. In order to adapt the intake filter to the turbine and exhaust side, some additional work is needed, and an exhaust valve is also required on the exhaust side.
The Hooker kit comes with a stainless steel V-belt clip, which is the best way to reliably seal the high exhaust gas temperatures generated by turbine applications. Although this is a universal kit, it seems to be able to be used in the engine compartment of many muscle cars.
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Post time: Apr-25-2021