2.5 inch Exhaust V Band Clamp

2.5 inch Exhaust V Band Clamp

2.5 Inch Exhaust V Band Clamps offer effective fastening solutions in a wide range of applications including pumps, engines, exhaust systems, filters, and food and chemical processing equipment. Because V-Band Couplings can be easily assembled and disassembled, they are often used on equipment that requires frequent service or maintenance. Clampco makes it easy to find the exact V-Band Clamp/Coupling for your application.

Feature of Exhaust V Band Clamp:

V-Band Clamps+Flange makes it easy to install and remove exhaust systems and turbo parts, such as downpipes, B Pipes and the like. Great for racers and tuners, these clamps make it easy to remove parts to gain access to vital componenets easily as there are no hard to reach bolts or special tools needed. Simply undo the clamp and you can remove the component easily.

exhaust v band clamp

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